Working with your spouse in the same company

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Should you ever work with your spouse? My initial thought is “no” even though I’ve worked with my husband in our business for over 10 years. We have shared the same office space and fought over the stupidest and smallest things.

When we went completely online we even moved the business into our home and have worked side by side in her own separate offices ever since.Has it been delightful, not exactly but I would say it has been good and bad.

Working with your spouse at same company

Work Area

We’ve had rip roaring arguments that we could never have gotten away with if we were with coworkers or had other people around. 

We also have been very creative and being able to get ideas executed much more quickly then we may have in a corporate office.

The balance of power and the final say are probably the hardest areas we see in our work relationship.

We are complete opposites and we work totally different from each other I need data and facts and everything in front of me where he has a more scattered approach off the cuff shoot by the hip.

One of the best aspects is you’re able to throw your ideas and be completely honest about your creative thought without feeling you will be judged.

If your husband isn’t going to support you then you probably have a pretty big issue in your marriage to start off with that working together is just going to highlight rather than being the cause

It definitely has its fair share of benefits but there are downsides as well. You need to learn how to separate your relationship from your work. Do not bring work into your personal time there Hass to be a definite line in the sand. The upside is we were together you have a  A partner that believes in you will inspire and motivate you and challenge you get to challenge each other. Goals and stresses as well understanding each other‘s goals and work says stress is allows you to give better advice to each other the downside is that sometimes you just need your you just need your own space and need physical time away from your partner you also can not let the workday go away

I believe the biggest challenge is making sure we don’t step on each others toes and that we divide up the responsibility and the final decision decision making power

The majority times there was a disagreement was based on who got the lot final say and I’m not sure if I wanted the final say because it was best for the business or I just wanted to win

Start with an appropriate workspace for you and your partner comfortable chair easy desk the proper lighting and all of this is important because the little things can start to build up and if you’re sitting on an uncomfortable chair which slightly stresses you out and then the project is slightly stressing you out the next time your partner says something to you you’re now freaking out I’m at.

I’m a big believer of small things building up to big progress and consistent small things can build up to amazing projects or can build up and create a Lotta resentment. Though it has worked for us in the long and I think it brings a large challenge to your relationship and to your work relationship business relationshipBecause sometimes we just don’t agree on the same point and that is brought back into your personal life



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